Vaginal Atrophy Laser Treatment

  • solution for symptoms of vaginal atrophy
  • photo-thermal treatment of the vaginal canal
  • functional restoration of vaginal mucosa
  • safe treatment without long-term hormonal therapy



  • minimally invasive
  • no anesthesia needed
  • walk-in/walk-out procedure

What is RenovaLase®?

RenovaLase® is an innovative and unique, non-invasive 2940 nm Er:YAG laser therapy for the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. It is based on non-ablative photothermal treatment of the vaginal canal. Clinical studies show that it is an efficient, easy-to-use, quick and safe procedure, eliminating the need for long-term estrogen administration.

Promising clinical Results

The latest scientific results presented by Dr. Marco Gambacciani1 and Dr. Adrian Gaspar2-4 clearly show a noticeable improvement in the symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

Results show favourable changes in the tropism of the vaginal mucosa, with increases in collagen and vascularization as well as in the glycogen level and the epithelial thickness.

There was no ablation of the tissue or thermal damage and no adverse events.

The positive effects were long lasting as results were sustained at follow-up 6 months after the treatment. With no need for long-term estrogen treatment,

RenovaLase® is also appropriate for patients with estrogen-dependent cancer (such as endometrial cancer, breast cancer, etc.) or with a family background of such cancers, as shown in clinical studies by Dr.Bojanini5 and Dr. Gambacciani2.

How does RenovaLase® work?

The RenovaLase® treatment is based on laser-induced controlled mild heating of the vaginal tissue, which stimulates angiogenesis, fibroblast activity and new collagen formation, without thermal or ablative damage.

The final result is increased epithelial thickness as well as vascularization of the lamina propria, along with a reduction of symptoms such as dryness, itching, irritation and dyspareunia (see figures above).

Getting started with RenovaLase®

Training in RenovaLase® is provided through the Laser and Health Academy ( as a part of a training workshop in Fotona’s minimally invasive gynecology treatments, under the guidance of experts in medical laser technology.

The extensive workshop, where participants engage in live demonstrations and gain an indepth understanding of laser physics and laser-tissue interaction, will provide the needed insight into the fundamentals of noninvasive gynecological treatments and other procedures that can be performed with this special Er:YAG laser system.

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'I’m especially thrilled with the positive results we’ve had when treating vaginal atrophy. The use of the FotonaSmooth® laser in this very common pathology has set a new standard of treatment for my practice. We are able to move away from long-term hormone replacement therapies that have received negative media attention and created concern in our patients, and toward laser light treatments that have the patient symptom-free for many months with no adverse complications.'

Adrian Gaspar, MD; Mendoza University, Argentina